играть в белорусское онлайн казино

One of the areas of the world where we find many of the most interesting deposit options for online gambling sites is in Eastern Europe, particularly in former Soviet republics.

These jurisdictions often have their own unique systems set up that are only available in a handful of countries, or sometimes only in one specific nation.

That’s the case for Easy (often simply known as Easy Pay), which is a deposit system available to users in Belarus.

This method is essentially an e-wallet, which makes it a versatile system for those gamers who would like to keep all of their gambling funds in a single account.

The ability to process both deposits and withdrawals is a plus, and it even comes with features that allow players to transfer cash, meaning you won’t need access to traditional banking options if you want to play online.

If you’re interested in using this wallet solution to play at an online casino, then you’ll want to make sure you stick with reputable and trusted sites.

Our team of experts has researched the options available for use with this banking system, and come up with a shortlist of only the very best sites that you should consider.

These choices were picked for their excellent features, including: Easy Pay is a product of Belgazprombank, a trusted financial institution in Belarus that was founded in 1990.

The service, which is regulated under the country’s National Bank, is designed to provide for convenient Internet electronic money payments.

Uses can not only make purchases and deposits through the system, but can also transfer money to other users, conduct transactions through SMS messages, and store or even withdraw funds at their leisure.

This system allows for a wide range of options when it comes to using funding sources to get money into your wallet.

To start with, users have the option of simply linking a credit or debit card, of course.